Friday, 14 February 2020

The lead pile and projects

As a follow up from the post about 'The Pledge' I thought I might monitor the movements of my lead pile a little more closely this year.  Just to stop things from getting out of control and as a set of defensive statistics in case of questions from the Memsaab.  Plus it motivates me to make inroads into the unpainted lead.  I don't quite have enough unpainted stuff to allow me to be safe from a radioactive fallout, but it must be getting there.  My trip to Vapnartak has been my only buying activity this year (so far) and painting didn't happen during January for various reasons.

Vapnartak saw the purchase of 150 6mm Cavalry figures (15 of those are mounted generals) and 444 6mm Infantry figures plus 1 (yes that's one) 25mm figure.  In my defence that was a freebie from Galloping Major.  So far I have completed 30 cavalry and 8 infantry figures.  So I make that as the lead pile being in the lead by 556 figures.

Project wise I have made a start on replacing my Irregular Miniature's 6mm Late Imperial Roman's with Baccus figures. I bought enough to form the core of an ADLG army.  Although most of the Vapnartak purchases were for that project, I still have some gaps in the Dark Age Britain armies and I bought some Irregular Miniatures 6mm to cover those.  The idea is to ensure that I have at least a DBA army for all of my dark ages forces and then to head out towards an ADLG 200 point army for each.

Longer term I have a couple of other project ideas,  one is to create an Early/Justinian Byzantine army and to create at least the core (DBA sized) of some barbarian migration period forces for my Late Imperials or Byzantines to fight.  That would probably mean Huns, Franks, Ostrogoths/Visigoths and Avars.  I also have it in mind to upgrade my original 6mm ancient period army of Irregular Maurikian Byzantines bought back in the late 80's or very early 90's.  The problem with creating Byzantine armies is a lack of figures.  Baccus don't do any specifically Byzantine figures so it will be an exercise in proxying.  The early Byzantines are less of an issue as the Infantry didn't look very much different from Late Imperial Romans and the cavalry had enough Sassanid, Hunnic and Avar influences that proxies exist within the Baccus range.  The Maurikians are more of an issue but I'm thinking that a mix of Later Sassanid and either Hunnic, Sarmartian, Gothic or Moorish horse might cover most things.

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