Saturday, 17 October 2020

Tiny Terrain

Building terrain is one of those things I do for fun or when I can't get exactly what I want from a retailer.  I often turn to terrain building when I'm in a bit of a painting slump to give me a change of focus.  Terrain is more freestyle than figure painting as I create from scratch rather than try to recreate an actual uniform or colour palette.  Plus I only make a single version of each.  Over the years I have built lots of small scale items and a selection is presented below.  Mostly made from bits from the parts box or stuff I found laying around.  

First up are a pair of log bunkers I made for World War Two micro armour games about 15 years ago.  made from matchsticks and cocktail sticks held together by a generous blob of Bostick.

Log bunkers.   Not sure that the flock works though.

Next up are two bridges which are the first 6mm terrain items I ever made, probably in the early 1990's when I started getting into 6mm in a big way.  Back then there was very little 6mm terrain to be had, and in any event I didn't have a lot of cash to splash.  They are for general pre-mechanised era games and still see a lot of action.  Construction is matchsticks and card.

Two versions of the one bridge - before and after a heavy traffic day

More recently I needed some ruined buildings so it was out with the cereal package card and the trusty matchsticks  plus some model railway ballast.  Floors were printed using MS Paint..  The floor plan is based on the block of terraced cottages I grew up in.  We lived in the right hand end house.  It seemed bigger when I was a child!

They looked better in reality, with roofs and everything

The sand dunes are the latest thing I have completed, they are primarily for DBA use. The dune shapes are from Milliput and textured with basing sand.  I'm not fully happy with them to be honest as the dunes should be 'thicker' in cross section with a longer downwind slope, but they will do for now.

 My favourites are the bridges, because they work as well for 2mm as for 6mm and they can cover a long period of history.  Which probably accounts for their gaming longevity and frequent use.  

I'm working on some DBA bog and swamp markers at the moment (I'm bored of painting horses and wanting a break) but I'm struggling to get the look I want.  I know how they should look but just can't get it right in small scale reproduction!  Any ideas gratefully accepted.


  1. No great ideas for bogs and swamps from me I am afraid, but a thank you for the ideas - I am always on the lookout for easy ways to improve my own setup.

  2. There’s an extra satisfaction in making micro scale models I find. Nice work.

    As for the ruined houses. “Luxury. 25 of us lived in cardboard box”.