Thursday, 29 April 2021

Cold War air power - a brace of Frogfoots

Or is the plural Frogfeet? 

Coming in at tree top level

The Russian air support has arrived in the shape of SU-25 ground attack aircraft.  NATO code name Frogfoot.  Its a chunky looking beast but whether it is as effective as an A-10 Warthog remains to be seen.

The Oddzial Osmy castings are crisp and clean with a couple of air release channels to remove but no flash.  I'm not certain that I have the Russian 1980's three colour camo quite right as the brown should be darker but I knew I needed to lighten it for scale and may have taken it too far.  its reminiscent of the USAF Viet Nam period three colour scheme which I always liked so that may have had an effect.  Still. at the speed they will be coming in at I don't suppose anyone will notice, or care!

Time to get the Blowpipe teams sorted for the BAOR I suppose.

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