Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Making Chilli Jam (again) and some terrain builds

As it is now officially the run up to Christmas I made a batch of Sweet Chilli Jam over the weekend using the recipe I posted here  https://elenderilsblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/chilli-jam.html.  It has come out nicely and one pot has already been eaten!  

In other news Mrs E and I have had our annual flu jabs and the booster Covid jab this week.  I felt a bit under the weather the following day but nothing too extreme and no unexpected side effects such as a constant need to tell Amazon what I'm thinking of buying next!.  Sadly the expected wi-fi boost from the first two jabs never materialised either.  I blame the quality of conspiracy theorists we get now a days!

Its a new product to me but I like it so far

I have started on making some extra river sections using the gasket rubber I purchased a couple of months ago.  I'm glad to report that some of the smell has worn off that so my painting table no longer smells like a tyre fitting shop (I was actually starting to like it which is a bit worrying).  The stuff is really easy to work with.  It cuts using scissors, takes glue well and still flexes after the first coat of spray paint.  I used good old UHU clear glue along the edges and then sprinkled fine sand over it to show where the banks are.  I then primed it with a new spray paint I bought at Hobbycraft - Montana cans Gold NC acrylic in 'sand'.  It sprays well and seems to work at least as well as Humbrol rattle cans but is in a bigger can, although more expensive so it evens out.  It seems easier to obtain the shades I need than the Humbrol range which always seem to be out of stock.  Oddly they don't come with a snap on top though.  All the cans are this gold colour with the actual shade being shown on the domed bit below the nozzle.  

First stage completed now to paint in the wet stuff

I need to sit down and paint in the water and then give it a coat of high gloss varnish, dry brush the banks in a grass green and brown mix and add a few clumps of foliage to finish them, but like everything else post retirement I never seem to have enough time!  I really need to knuckle down and stop wasting time on important jobs around the house!  I also found a supply of high density foam in 5mm thick sheets which is perfect for making hills for 2mm gaming, so once those pesky important jobs are done I will be testing the spray paint on that prior to hill raising.


  1. Re: wifi boost - :-)

    Interesting idea to use gasket rubber for terrain. I have found paintable caulk to be a pretty good material to use. Flexible, paints up well and takes flock. Adding a little sand while it is drying would add a nice touch. Thanks!

    Good your table no longer smells of rubber.

  2. I think l will have a go at the chilli jam. Glad to hear of your jabs and am intrigued by the rubber scenery.

  3. Those pesky household jobs get us all in the end mate, but you are still making good progress. Is this terrain for 2mm?