Friday, 17 July 2020

Altar of Freedom - 2mm cavalry Mk2

I wasn’t happy with the first attempt at 2mm cavalry.  The issue was the heads of the horses they didn’t look right, in fact it looked like they were balancing a plank along their foreheads.  I posted some images on Facebook and asked what people thought the main reply I got was that they would look better as individually coloured horses. I didn’t want to paint individual horses so I went back to Microsoft paint and created a strip With individual heads and tails which I then glued on to the existing piece of cardboard. I think they look a lot better and are fine for normal wargaming use. I also took the opportunity to create a mixture of colours on each strip. The trick is to make sure that the heads and tales matched up as these are printed on two different strips.

As you can see from the photos they are not perfect but I think they are fine for playtesting the rules.

A simple block of colour is all you need to Mark where the heads are.

Same for the hind quarters, which is good as it’s about all I can do in paint!

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  1. the 2mm stuff looks excellent.
    Just tried AoF myself for the second time over at mine.